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" You can always tell about somebody by the way they put their hands on an animal." -

Betty White

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About Us

Passionate about the plight of so many domesticated animals, the Domestic Animal Sanctuary and Home is dedicated to providing love, shelter and care to these animals whether short or long term. The rate at which perfectly healthy and functional animals is being destroyed in this country is alarming. With a multiple-discipline approach to animal care, it is the mission of this organization to provide permanent shelter and care for animals that don’t find an adoptive family, and to train and groom those animals that are adopted in preparation for them to go to their new home.

To accomplish our mission, this organization will incorporate proactive and progressive programs rarely, if ever, seen in this arena. These programs and a variety of animal services will be incorporated into this organization that will help it to grow while simultaneously providing assistance to pet owners in caring for their pets. Promoting responsible pet ownership through education, planning, and support we believe will cut back on the numbers of relinquished pets. Training, rehabilitating, and good veterinary care we believe will promote adoption success. Our programs and services will promote and support more no-kill shelters across our country.

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